Sunday, September 8, 2013

English Class Orientation - Prezi presentation

It's not necessary for me to use prezi to give an orientation for the new school year, but the students who I taught were more excited when they saw the prezi presentation. 
I made this prezi 2 years ago, and I updated it this year to give an orientation about how to study English,  how to make studying English interesting, and how to get good grades in my English class.

Guessing the story of the reading passage.

Using Wordle, I created an image from a reading passage. 
From this image, students will "see" the key words, and with the key words, they can guess the rough story of the reading passage. 

I think this will be a really good ore-reading activity.

Gathering Ideas Using Padlet

Created with Padlet

This padlet wall is for buiding ideas about what we can do or can't do in a certain place.
(Lesson 6, Chun-jae Middle school English 1 by Sa-yul Jeong)
I found Padlet useful because it can be used anytime when we need brainstorming or we gather ideas from students, and it is more beautiful to see than writing on a blackboard.